Top 10 Best Water Shoes for the Beach ~ (2024 Buyer’s Guide)

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Hawaii is one of the most spectacular places on Earth. While soaking in the sights, it’s essential to keep your feet protected because with great beauty comes unique and sometimes dangerous marine life. Whether you’re taking a trip to the beach, hiking along a rocky beach, or diving headfirst into a Hawaiian vacation, we’ve got your feet covered with the best water shoes to get the job done.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to choose the best water shoes for the beach and see our thoroughly-researched top 10 picks. You see, there are different water shoes for every occasion, and we take each type of terrain into account when compiling our top 10 lists.

Since sand is a tricky beast, it requires a special type of footwear. Hawaii is chock-full of various terrains, including lava rock. By the end of our guide, you’ll know for sure which pair (or pairs) is the best for you. You’ll also be a certified water shoe guru. Sounds fun, right?

Model Features & Highlights

#1 WXDZ Water Sports (Unisex)

 Our #1 Pick for Rocky Beaches 

  • Velcro strap keeps them snug against your feet while walking, climbing, or swimming
  • Individual toe guards protect your toes against injuries from accidental bumps and jagged objects
  • Breathable wrap-around uppers provide superior drainage and comfort
  • Slip-resistant outsole with built-in drainage holes
  • Will keep sand out
  • Super lightweight and easy to pack

#2 Racqua (Unisex)

 Our #1 Pick for Hawaii 

  • The secure lacing system keeps the shoe closer to your foot than a velcro system
  • Individual toe guards protect your feet while hiking across lava or swimming around the coral reef
  • Versatile enough for all activities on your vacation
  • Attractive enough design to wear for casual dining or walking along the beach
  • Anti-slip rubber outsole keeps you sure-footed on all terrains
  • Ultra-lightweight and easy to tuck away in your luggage
  • Rapid drainage through the bottom of the shoe

#3 Chillbo Sock It Shoe Me (Unisex)

 Our #1 Pick for Beach Walking 

  • Super easy to slip on and off
  • Perfect for casual strolls along the beach
  • Easy to clean and will keep sand out
  • Great for swimming in the ocean or chilling near the pool
  • Good for protecting your feet while crossing over hot sand
  • Super lightweight and easy to pack in tight spots
  • Soft neoprene uppers feel heavenly on your feet
  • Durable rubber soles provide a secure grip on slippery surfaces

#4 Centipede Demon (Unisex)

 Our #1 Pick for Surfing 

  • Premium protection for your feet while surfing at beaches with reef breaks or even as a first-timer in Hawaii
  • Wide toe box ensures your feet aren’t pinched while surfing
  • Superior grip with individual toe guards
  • Lacing system keeps the shoe snug against your foot – no worrying about waves knocking them off while paddling out
  • Breathable mesh uppers allow water to drain right through while paddling
  • Additional drainage in the heel means no trapped water or pooling inside the shoe
  • Drainage holes in the bottom equal rapid drainage after you stand up
  • Lightweight and easy to compress in your luggage

#5 Hiitave (Women’s)

 Our #1 Pick for Walking on Coral 

  • The open upper allows your feet to breathe while outside the water
  • Tough-rubber outsole protects your feet while walking on coral or other jagged surfaces
  • Unique design that’s attractive and difficult to find in other women’s water shoes
  • Individual toe guards give you more freedom to wiggle your toes while swimming or snorkeling
  • Additional drainage holes in the sole eliminate any drag or pull while swimming
  • Rugged enough to use for short hikes in Hawaii
  • Lightweight and easy to pack

#6 Spesoul Athletic (Unisex)

 Our #1 Pick for Snorkeling 

  • Added heel protection makes these perfect to protect your feet while snorkeling
  • Lacing system keeps the shoe snug against your foot while swimming
  • Stretchy upper material fits all foot types including wide feet
  • Extra grip on the soles allows you to stand on coral (try not to) or ocean rocks while snorkeling
  • Foldable and extremely lightweight

#7 WHITIN (Women’s)

 Best Women’s Water Shoes with Arch Support 

  • Extra-deep soles with added arch support for women with high arches or Plantar fasciitis
  • Full foot coverage to keep sand out while walking along the beach
  • Velcro strap keeps the shoe secure against your foot while swimming
  • Lightweight, breathable mesh upper is quick to dry
  • High-traction EVA outsole ensures a secure grip on slippery surfaces

#8 SIMARI Quick-Dry Aqua Socks (Unisex)

 Our #1 Pick for Keeping Sand Out 

  • Incredibly lightweight and budget-friendly
  • The full wrap-around upper keeps sand out while the extra fabric at the ankle provides a tighter seal and added comfort to prevent chafing
  • Tons of different colors and designs to choose from
  • The fastest-drying diving-grade material
  • The TPR soles protect your feet while walking on hot sand and against sharp objects poking through
  • They lie extra flat to store in your luggage

#9 GOOD STUDIOS (Unisex)

 Our #1 Pick for Walking 

  • Added support in the sole helped make these our top pick for walking
  • Fully-breathable mesh upper prevents sweating and keeps your feet cool
  • Strategically placed drainage holes in the bottom of the shoe allow for rapid draining and quicker drying
  • Slip-on style makes them super easy to put on and take off
  • Anti-collision toe cap protects your toes while swimming
  • Easy to pass off as a shoe while relaxing on vacation

#10 Speedo Surfwalker 3.0 (Men’s and Women’s Versions)

 Our #1 Pick for Swimming 

  • The best lightweight water shoe for swimming in the pool, ocean or lake
  • 100% neoprene upper is super soft and stays snug while kicking your feet in the water
  • Extremely quick-drying
  • Stretchy upper blocks sand from entering around your ankle
  • S-Trac non-slip outsole grips slippery rocks and other slippery surfaces including pool floors
  • Cushioned insole for maximum comfort

What did you think of our top 10 list? We put a lot of time into creating the best possible list with choices that accommodate everyone’s needs. Which pair is the best for your next adventure?

Still unsure? Let’s take a closer look at the features of each pair in our top 10 to give you a better idea of how we arrived at our picks. Below, are 10 individual reviews with the pros and cons of owning each pair. I also added lists of best uses to give you a clearer picture of where each shoe excels.

Be sure to stick around after the reviews and read our bonus buyer’s guide for more assistance before you purchase.

Best Beach Water Shoe Reviews

Are you ready to take a closer look at each shoe? Let’s really see what makes these 10 the best water shoes for the beach and beach-related activities.

#1 WXDZ Water Sports – Best for Rocky Beaches

The WXDZ shoe is a reliable and budget-friendly water shoe that does an excellent job of protecting your feet. If your next adventure happens to include walking or hiking on a rocky beach, these are the perfect option. There’s no need to take them off while swimming, and the outsole is thick enough to keep your feet comfy while passing over rocks or jetties outside the ocean.

The velcro strap keeps them in place, and it’s easier to operate than the typical lacing system found in other water shoes. You also get the added advantage of individual toe guards to protect against any injuries caused by accidental bumping into objects below the water’s surface.

Lastly, the drainage holes in the bottom ensure no water pools inside your shoe, yet the holes are small enough to guarantee no pebbles or small stones sneak up through the outsole into your shoe.

  • Toe guards and extra heel protection for walking on rocky surfaces
  • Velcro strap keeps them snug and in place
  • Rapid drainage provided by small holes in the outsole
  • Extremely quick-drying uppers
  • Tons of varieties for men and women to choose from
  • Breathable insole prevents sweaty feet and promotes airflow
  • Minimal arch support
  • Minimal ankle support on more rugged terrain

#2 Racqua – Best for Hawaii

I had the pleasure of living on The Big Island in Hawaii with my family, and I can tell you without a doubt that it’s one of the most amazing places on Earth. There’s a ton to do! You can easily fill up your schedule with gorgeous beaches, snorkeling, jungle hikes, a trip to the Volcano, wild fruit picking, surfing, a trip to the beach bar, and tons of other awesome stuff. That’s why you need a great all-around water shoe that’s suitable for all island activities.

The Racqua shoe covers all the bases. Wear them for just about your entire trip to Hawaii – outside of formal occasions. What I love about this shoe is it has all the required features for every activity, and the extra-soft neck material keeps sand out.

The unique outsole grip pattern provides superior traction on slippery surfaces and complete protection around the outline of your foot. You need that extra protection, especially while snorkeling because you don’t want to accidentally step on the wrong piece of coral or sea creature with your bare feet. I almost learned that lesson the hard way before my cousin caught me.

  • Perfect for all outdoor activities in Hawaii
  • The lacing system keeps the shoe snug against your foot while in the water
  • Suitable for surfing and walking over coral (try not to do this)
  • Wide toe box with individual toe guards
  • Roll them up to pack in your luggage
  • Super easy to clean, and they keep sand out
  • Can get uncomfortable on long walks
  • Minimal arch support

#3 Chillbo Sock It Shoe Me – Best for Beach Walking

Getting ready for a chill vacation at the beach? The Chillbo Sock It to Me is a great option for you. They’re easy to slip on, super soft, and perfect for lounging while on vacay. Wear them to the pool, beach, swimming, to protect your feet while crossing over hot sand, and a whole lot more.

What makes these great is they’re so light that you won’t even know you’re wearing them. If you’re someone who loves to walk around barefoot, these are the best pick in our top 10. Plus, the beach sand will have a hard time entering through the neck or the neoprene upper that hugs your foot like a fluffy cloud.

I picture myself enjoying cocktails on the beach with my feet up while wearing these. I think that’s the exact use Chillbo had in mind when they created them.

  • The most lightweight option in our top 10
  • Soft neoprene uppers wrap your feet
  • Easy to slip on and off
  • The hard outsole protects your feet on hot sand and rough surfaces
  • Roll them up to pack in tight spaces
  • Great at keeping sand out
  • Not made for rugged terrain
  • No arch support
  • No lacing system or velcro strap

#4 Centipede Demon – Best for Surfing

Choosing the best water shoes for surfing is no easy task. There are several factors to consider, including the ocean floor surface, the shoe’s lacing system, and the toe box. I first used aqua shoes for surfing during a trip to the Dominican Republic because of the jagged rocks on the ocean floor. That was the first time in my life that I realized water shoes can be mighty useful while surfing.

The Centipede Demon shoe checks all the boxes. You get a wide toe box with individual toe guards, rapid drainage through the outsole, a superior lacing system, breathable insole, full wrap-around uppers, and enough rubber in the outsole to keep your feet protected at all times.

Lastly, they’re light enough to keep you mobile when you pop up on the board and stylish enough to feel comfortable around locals, because believe me, veteran surfers don’t believe in covering their feet.

  • The wear-resistant heel provides additional impact resistance
  • Wide toe box and individual toe guards increase stability while surfing
  • Breathable mesh uppers for supreme comfort and extra ventilation
  • Rapid drainage throughout the shoe
  • Extra soft and lightweight for enhanced portability
  • Tons of varieties to choose from for men and women
  • Minimal ankle and arch support
  • Can get uncomfortable during long walks on hard pavement

#5 Hiitave – Best for Walking on Coral

Women who want strong, dependable water shoes with a unique design will love the Hiitave model. The outsole provides superior grip compared to other models, and the open-lace design in the upper allows for more breathability. What I like most about this shoe are the individual toe guards and grooves in the outsole for added comfort.

The Hiitave shoe is great for island destinations where you expect to go snorkeling, hike across rocks, or engage in water sports. They’re also comfortable enough for lounging and easy to slip on and off when you need them for a quick stroll.

Feel confident when you step on the ocean floor or accidentally on coral that your feet are protected. Lastly, there’s additional drainage in the sole, yet the holes aren’t large enough to allow small pebbles or gravel to enter.

  • Wide toe box provides wiggle room for added comfort
  • Durable enough to walk on rocky beaches
  • Quick-drying materials that block sand from grinding against your feet
  • Suitable for longer leisure walks and sightseeing
  • Easy to clean
  • Lightweight to cut down on luggage weight
  • Moderate arch and ankle support
  • Less adjustable than velcro or lacing systems

#6 Spesoul – Best for Snorkeling

Snorkeling while on vacation is one of the most entertaining activities. Watching all the beautiful marine life below you while you swim through the crystal blue ocean is an experience unlike any other. While the marine life is quite pretty, it’s important to keep your feet protected for times when you need to take a rest on the rock.

What I like about the Spesoul model the most is the added heel protection. It provides extra protection in case you plant your heel on the wrong part of the reef or the wrong sea creature. The fluid design allows you to swim more freely without feeling like your feet are being weighed down while you enjoy your snorkeling session.

The design is appealing enough to pass off as a normal shoe once you’re outside of the water, which makes these great for sightseeing as well.

  • Added heel protection to keep your feet protected while snorkeling
  • The durable outsole makes them great for passing over rocky beaches and jetties
  • Comfortable enough for walking
  • More arch support than other aqua shoes
  • Secure lacing system makes them a solid choice for surfing
  • Minimal toe protection
  • Minimal ankle support

#7 WHITIN – Best Women’s Water Shoes with Arch Support

Tracking down water shoes with arch support is no easy task. This women’s shoe by WHITIN is your best option if you’re on the hunt for added arch support and an extra comfortable fit that’s suitable for walking. One of the top features is the drainage slits in the sole for rapid drainage.

The neck fabric comes up higher to block sand from entering and keep your ankles happy while walking or lounging. The velcro strap keeps the shoe in place while you’re swimming at the pool or in the ocean. Finally, the anti-slip EVA outsole makes them suitable for walking on slippery surfaces or passing over rocks.

  • Added arch support for women with high arches or Plantar fasciitis
  • More comfortable than traditional water shoes for long walks
  • Perfect for lounging and casual dining
  • Great at keeping sand out at the beach
  • Quick-drying materials and non-slip grip
  • Not great for women with narrow feet
  • Minimal ankle support

#8 SIMARI Aqua Socks – Best for Keeping Sand Out

SIMARI aqua socks are traditional water shoes with a modern-day twist. They’re available in tons of different colors and styles. These super-lightweight minimal aqua socks are great for swimming in the ocean and keeping beach sand out.

The uppers are made of a quick-drying diving material that’ll stay snug against your foot while you’re swimming, snorkeling, or engaged in other water sports. One of the top highlights is they’ll take up barely any space in your luggage, and if you stow them in your carry-on, you don’t have the worry about them adding much weight.

The TPR (thermoplastic rubber) outsole ensures a solid grip, and some people may even find that these are perfect for surfing, especially when the ocean floor is mostly smooth. Overall, I’m a big fan of the SIMARI aqua sock, and they’re currently a #1 best seller for a reason.

  • Ultra-lightweight and easy to slip on and off
  • Thin non-slip soles are perfect for the beach
  • Full wrap-around uppers keep sand out
  • Tons of different colors and patterns to choose from
  • Super affordable
  • 30-Day money-back guarantee and 1-year warranty
  • Premium materials
  • Not great for long walks or hiking
  • Minimal toe and heel protection
  • No arch support

#9 GOOD STUDIOS – Best for Walking

When it comes to comfort while walking, the GOOD STUDIOS water shoe is our top selection. The extra cushioning in the midsole makes them great for long walks, sightseeing, and strolls around town while on vacation. The full-mesh upper provides maximum ventilation to help you avoid sweaty feet on even the warmest days.

The drainage holes in the midsole ensure rapid drainage without the need for larger drainage holes in the bottom of the shoe. This design feature keeps out pebbles and bits of gravel that can travel up into your shoe and make walking uncomfortable. When you pass over a rocky beach or jetty, the extra cushioning prevents jagged rocks from poking your feet.

Lastly, the toe cap gives you an extra layer of protection while you’re swimming or walking over rocks. Overall, the GOOD STUDIOS shoe is great for a wide range of uses, and it’s more comfortable than flat water shoes.

  • Extra support for people who prefer cushioned soles
  • Easy to slip on and off
  • Extremely quick-drying
  • Extra-soft midsole keeps your feet comfortable during longer walks
  • Superior ventilation in the mesh uppers
  • Drainage holes in the midsole for rapid drainage
  • Anti-collision toe cap for added protection on jagged surfaces
  • Durable anti-slip outsole
  • Bulkier than flat water shoes
  • No lacing system

#10 Speedo Surfwalker 3.0 – Best for Swimming

When it comes to choosing the best water shoes for swimming, it’s difficult to outdo Speedo. The Surfwalker 3.0 is Speedo’s latest model, and it’s great for more than just swimming. The S-Trac outsole provides anti-slip protection and superior comfort while walking over hot sand or to the beach.

The partially mesh upper gives you just enough ventilation to keep your feet cool on hot days. The four-way stretch upper stays against your foot, yet it allows for enhanced maneuverability while swimming or even surfing. The Surfwalker is more lightweight than some of the newer aqua shoes with thicker soles.

If you prefer convenience, the Surfwalker is easy to slip on and off. It’s also extremely quick-drying, easy to clean, and will keep the sand out while you enjoy your favorite beach activities such as volleyball.

  • Lightweight and stay snug while swimming
  • Speedo-quality materials
  • Four-way stretch uppers won’t choke your feet
  • The outsole extends up to the heel and over the big toe for added protection
  • Great for keeping sand out
  • Easy to pack in your luggage
  • Minimal arch support
  • The shallow grooves in the outsole grip less than other shoes in our top 10

Want more ventilation? Click Here #ad or the image below to check out the Speedo Men’s Surf Knit model:

How to Choose the Best Water Shoes for the Beach

In our buyer’s guide below, we go over each of the key considerations to make before you choose the right pair of water shoes for your next adventure. Since you’re going to the beach, swimming, and/or engaging in other beach activities, there are certain features to look for when shopping. Let’s start with the materials.

#1) Materials

Materials are important since you don’t want your feet to sweat or get burnt in the hot sun. The tricky part is finding a pair of shoes that’ll breathe and keep sand out. The Surfwalker 3.0 by Speedo is a good example. Notice how the upper is mostly neoprene with a mesh section to allow your feet to air out without taking the shoes off.

Depending on what type of activities you plan to do, remember to consider the materials in the uppers. How well will they keep sand out? If you plan to do a lot of walking, aim for models like the GOOD STUDIOS or WHITIN selections above. They provide more arch support and shock absorption than most other brands on the market.

#2) Weight

Water shoes for the beach should be very light since you’ll be swimming in them. Heavier models can easily get weighed down when you lift your feet through the water. The aqua sock options in our top 10 are perfect for keeping weight down and avoiding the heavy feeling of treading water while swimming.

If you plan to surf, the Centipede Demon shoes are perfect. I chose them because the uppers are lightweight, the lacing system is secure, and there’s ample rubber in the outsole to protect your feet.

Since you’ll be traveling with your water shoes, always consider the weight and how small the shoes will pack down in your luggage.

#3) Uses

Before choosing a pair in our top 10, make a quick list of activities you plan to do in your water shoes. Once you have your list ready, compare your list to our recommended uses for each shoe in the Reviews section above. This way, you’ll easily match your activities to the right shoe.

#4) Toe Box

One of the advantages of water shoes with individual toe guards is the wider toe box that can accommodate people with narrow and wide feet. Since the material in the uppers of most water shoes is stretchy, you don’t have to worry about the shoes choking your feet while you’re having fun.

If you have wide feet, it’s best to stick with the models with individual toe guards since they have the widest toe box. You may find that Speedo water shoes are too narrow for you.

#5) Drainage

Drainage is an extra important factor to consider. All of the models in our top 10 provide ample drainage and will keep your feet dry as you hop between water and dry land. The best advice – if you choose a different model outside of our top 10 – is to avoid water shoes with larger drainage holes in the outsole.

The problem with larger drainage holes is they allow sand and shell fragments to pass through the outsole into the shoe. The models in our top 10 won’t have this problem since the drainage holes in the outsoles are all smaller.

#6) Lacing System

The lacing system is important to consider if you plan to do a lot of swimming, snorkeling, or surfing. It’s best to choose shoes with laces for strenuous activities in the water instead of the models with velcro straps or the slip-on varieties. The last thing you want is to lose a shoe or have to worry about a shoe falling off when you kick your feet underwater.

Refer back to our Top 10 Chart and read our recommended best use below each shoe before you buy.

#7) Sizing

Last but not least, sizing. Here’s where a lot of people go wrong when they buy new water shoes. Before you buy, be sure to read through recent feedback to see if people are sizing up or down.

The few minutes it takes to confirm how the shoe fits are worth it to avoid the hassle of a return or exchange. You may not have enough time to complete an exchange before your vacation. Then, you’re left with shoes that don’t fit.

It’s also not a bad idea to contact the supplier directly for the most accurate answer. Chances are someone has already asked this question, and it’s easy to find the answer in the Q&A section of the product pages.

Final Thoughts

Are you pumped for your next trip to the beach or Hawaiian getaway? By following our buyer’s guide and choosing one of our top 10 best water shoes for the beach, you can’t go wrong.

Protecting your feet while on vacation is essential, especially in Hawaii where you may encounter some creatures that are best left untouched.

Cheers and have a blast wherever your travels take you!

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