Top 10 Best Water Shoes for the Water Park • (2024 Reviews)

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Are you preparing for your next big trip to the water park? Whether you’re going solo, with a group of friends, or the whole family, our guide has you covered. We’ve researched a long and growing list of water shoes. Along the way, we’ve been able to pick out the best pairs for each activity. In this article, we share our top 10 water shoes for the water park, along with a detailed buyer’s guide.

By the end, you’ll know for sure which pair or pairs suit you and your family the best. Choosing water shoes for the water park is different since you won’t be coming into contact with a lot of dirt, gravel, small stones, and sediment. What’s the advantage? You get to choose water shoes with the most rapid drainage without worrying about debris poking your foot.

We’ll start with our Top 10 Chart that includes the highlights of each pair and who can wear them. After the chart, we’ll take a closer look at each of our 10 picks in the Individual Reviews section. After the reviews, we’ll wrap up with a quick buyer’s guide that shows you what to look for when choosing the best water shoes for the water park.

Are you ready to get started? Let’s dive in!

Model Features & Highlights

#1 ALEADER Slip-On (Men’s and Women’s)

 Our #1 Pick for Parents 

  • The convenience of a slip-on
  • More support and a whole lot more comfortable than a traditional water shoe
  • Large drainage holes throughout the sole ensure rapid drainage
  • Hydrophobic mesh uppers provide maximum breathability and better drainage (no need to worry about soggy or sweaty feet while enjoying the water park)
  • Superb traction on slippery surfaces in case you need to get to your kids in a hurry
  • Perfect for lounging while your children play
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#2 Speedo Tidal Cruiser (Men’s, Women’s, and Kids’)

 Our #1 Pick for Swimming 

  • Extra-soft neoprene collar prevents chafing around the ankle
  • Perfect for water park/beach adventures
  • Our top pick for families who intend to do a lot of swimming at the water park
  • Largely mesh upper supports faster drainage and provides more breathability than other Speedo water shoes
  • Super comfortable cloud-like feel around your entire foot
  • Speedo-quality materials: the high-traction rubber sole will last longer than inferior brands
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#3 MET520 Aqua Socks (Unisex)

 Our #1 Aqua Sock Pick for Adults 

  • Aqua socks are ultra-lightweight, and this is the lightest weight option in our top 10
  • Quick-drying uppers built with diving-grade material (keep your feet cool and dry all day)
  • Non-slip rubber sole protects your feet on hot surfaces, against slipping, and any accidental contact with sharp objects
  • Fold or twist them to pack in your bag or backpack
  • So comfortable you’ll forget you’re wearing them
  • No need to worry about sand or pebbles entering
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#4 MET520 Non-Slip Shoes (Unisex)

 Our #1 Pick for Total Foot Protection 

  • Individual toe guards protect each of your toes in case of stubbing or accidental bumps
  • The velcro strap keeps the shoe snug against your foot and makes adjustments easy
  • The best traction you can find in a modern-style water shoe
  • Quick-drying breathable uppers and additional drainage holes in the sole ensure no pooling inside the shoe
  • Great for a wide variety of activities outside of the water park such as kayaking, tubing, rivers, etc.
  • Super comfortable and best of all, easy-peasy to clean
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#5 ALEADER Knit (Kids and Toddlers)

 Our #1 Pick for Disney and Other Vacations with Water Parks 

  • Kids who don’t like the look of traditional water shoes love the look of these knit shoes
  • Great for children on Disney vacations and at water parks
  • More support than a traditional water shoe makes these great for dry and wet environments (e.g. walking)
  • Large drainage holes in the sole ensure rapid drainage and no raisin feet
  • The mesh-knit uppers are super comfortable and breathe well
  • Superior traction on wet surfaces prevents slip and fall accidents
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#6 CIOR Fantiny (Kids and Toddlers)

 Our #1 Pick for Toddlers 

  • Foam arch support inside the shoe for added comfort during extended use
  • Smooth neck prevents chafing around your toddler’s ankles
  • Strategically-placed drainage holes in the sole prevent pooling inside the shoe
  • Roll them up in a ball to make them easier to pack
  • Super-lightweight materials won’t annoy your child
  • Anti-slip outsole prevents slip and fall accidents
  • One child loves them so much that he used them as his everyday shoe for 6 months and liked how he could move his toes around in them
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#7 Romote (Kids and Toddlers)

 Our #1 Aqua Sock Pick for Kids and Toddlers 

  • Kids love how comfortable and lightweight they are
  • The reliable TPR anti-slip sole provides better traction than comparable aqua socks
  • They fit like a glove and won’t weigh your kids down while they swim
  • Roll them up, pack them, and forget they’re there
  • Smooth neck design prevents blistering and chafing around the ankle
  • They’re easy to slip on and off

#8 Clapzovr (Men’s and Women’s)

 #1 Best Crocs Alternative 

  • The best Crocs alternative for water parks
  • Incredibly rapid drainage
  • The insole is super comfy and provides some arch support
  • Similar feel inside as Crocs, yet it's possible to swim in the Clapzovr shoe without even noticing they're there
  • The neck does not cause any chafing around the ankle or at the Achilles
  • Simply pop out the insole, and they dry within minutes under the sun
  • More durable than they look and ready to walk for hours on pavement
  • Awesome for the beach too!
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#9 AVADAR YIZER (Unisex)

 Our #1 Water Shoe/Aqua Sock Hybrid Pick for Adults 

  • The lightweight advantage of an aqua sock with the benefit of a more rugged water shoe outsole
  • Uppers dry lighting fast, and the smooth neck design is extra comfy
  • Additional drainage holes in the sole to prevent pooling inside the shoe
  • More padding in the footbed than aqua socks
  • They hold up well even after walking on coral, rocks, and pavement
  • They stay snug while swimming

#10 CIOR Fantiny (Unisex)

 Our #2 Water Shoe/Aqua Sock Hybrid Pick for Adults 

  • Surprising level of comfort and quality after putting them on the first time
  • Soft neoprene uppers keep them snug while you swim
  • Comfortable enough to walk on hard surfaces and for short hikes
  • Anti-slip sole for solid traction on slippery surfaces
  • Additional drainage holes in the sole for rapid drainage (no water sloshing around after you exit the pool or ocean)
  • Great for keeping sand and other debris out
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What did you think of our top 10? We're confident these are the best available water shoes for the water park! We had so much fun putting this list together for you that now we're craving a trip to the water park.

Are you ready for a more in-depth look at each pair? Let's get started with our individual reviews.

Individual Reviews

In this section, you'll find a full review for each of the pairs in our top 10. In each review, I provide an overview along with the pros and cons of owning each pair. Be sure to stick around after the reviews for our buyer's guide!

#1 ALEADER Slip-On - Our #1 Pick for Parents

After investigating all the suitable water shoes for water parks, we chose the ALEADER slip-on as our #1 pick for parents. The beauty of this shoe is the support. If you plan to do a lot of walking inside the park, this is the perfect shoe. The soft, breathable upper keeps your feet cool and comfortable throughout the day.

Another highlight is the rapid drainage in the sole of the shoe. Since you won't have to worry about sand or gravel sneaking into the holes at the water park, you can get away with larger drainage holes. It's impossible for water to pool inside the shoe with this amount of drainage.

Lastly, you get more than enough traction in case you need to jump into action for your kids. Overall, this is a great water shoe for parents and anyone who wants extra arch support. This model is also the most comfortable option in our top 10 for adults.

  • If you pack them, they take up more room than aqua socks or traditional water shoes
  • Harder to swim in than other options on our list
  • Soles can trap pebbles
  • More comfortable than aqua socks and traditional water shoes
  • Large drainage holes throughout the sole prevent pooling and keep your feet dry
  • Beehive mesh in the uppers for superior breathability
  • Comfortable enough for long walks on pavement and other hard surfaces
  • Great traction keeps you sure-footed on slick surfaces
  • Mother-approved for chasing 2-year-olds at the water park
  • The attractive appearance

#2 Speedo Tidal Cruiser - Our #1 Pick for Swimming (Available for Men, Women, and Kids)

We're huge fans of Speedo water shoes, and the Tidal Cruiser model is our top selection from the Speedo lineup for water parks. If you plan to do a lot of swimming at the water park or play in the wave pool, the Tidal Cruiser is an excellent choice. Women, men, and children all love this particular model because of its overall comfort and quick-drying capability.

What I like most about this shoe is the soft neoprene around the neck. Neoprene does a great job of hugging the ankle to keep out sand and debris while also preventing any blisters or chafing. Speedo water shoes are also known for being easy to slip on and off, yet they won't fall off when you're swimming.

The last highlight we want to point out is durability. The Tidal Cruiser will hold up better when put to the test. You'll love how comfortable they are in and out of the water.

  • No drainage holes in the sole
  • There are better options for people with wide feet
  • Great grip in and out of the pool protects against slip and fall accidents
  • Perfect for swimming
  • Soft neoprene uppers are super comfortable and fit like a glove
  • Removable insole allows them to dry faster
  • Available for men, women, and kids
  • More durable: they hold up better than most other water shoes
  • More breathability than the Speedo Surfwalker 3.0

#3 MET520 - Our #1 Aqua Sock Pick for Adults

Do you prefer the convenience of an aqua sock? Look no further than the MET520 because it provides everything men and women need in an aqua sock at the water park. Why choose an aqua sock over a water shoe? The biggest reason is weight. Aqua socks are the lightest option, and you'll forget that you're wearing them. They're also easy to roll up and stow away in your bag or backpack.

The greatest advantage of the modern aqua sock design is the sole. The modern sole has better traction and protects your foot better than its old-school counterpart. Aside from the sole, the quick-drying, breathable diving material used to construct the uppers keeps your feet comfortable and dry throughout the day.

The last thing we love about this sock is it's also wonderful for the beach because it does a great job of keeping sand out and protecting your feet while passing over hot sand.

  • Less support than water shoes
  • No toe or heel bumpers
  • Perfect for beach/water park adventures
  • Mother-approved for keeping sand out at the beach
  • They do a terrific job of keeping your feet cool on hot concrete or sand
  • Super lightweight and take up little room in your bag
  • Easy to slip on, even when wet
  • They come with a zipper storage bag
  • The anti-slip sole provides better traction than comparable aqua socks
  • Extremely quick to dry
  • Lots of color options

#4 MET520 - Our #1 Pick for Total Foot Protection

This list wouldn't be complete without one of our favorite types of water shoes. We love the protection this type of water shoe provides, and it's not easy to find a quality pair that uses a velcro strap instead of laces. In fact, we avoided adding water shoes with laces to this list since laces are usually unnecessary at the water park.

Do you have wide feet? One of the greatest advantages of this type of shoe is the wide toe box. Another highlight is the individual toe guards that keep your toes protected in case of any accidental bumping or stubbing. We love how the sole comes up around the entire outline of the foot for added protection.

This modern-style water shoe provides some of the best traction currently available, and the drainage holes in the bottom prevent pooling inside the shoe while keeping gravel out. If you want extra protection, a water shoe that's good for a wide variety of uses, and superior traction, this is your best bet.

  • Could be excessive for some
  • Not made for long walks
  • Less support than ALEADER slip-on shoes
  • Individual toe guards protect your toes in case of stubbing or accidental bumping
  • The best traction in our top 10
  • Great for a wide variety of uses
  • Velcro strap instead of laces ensures a snug fit while swimming
  • Quick-drying and great drainage, no need to worry about waterlogged feet
  • Better overall protection than aqua socks or other comparable water shoes
  • An excellent option for people with wide feet

#5 ALEADER for Kids and Toddlers - Our #1 Pick for Disney Vacations

Meet the perfect option for kids who don't like the appearance of traditional water shoes. The ALEADER knit water shoe comes in a wide variety of colors for both boys and girls. The size options range from toddler to big kid. What we love most about this shoe is that it's perfect for sightseeing and walking around while on vacation as well as perfect for the water park.

The advantages you get with this model are the same you get with the ALEADER slip-on version for adults: more comfortable than a traditional water shoe, reliable traction in wet environments, and quick-drying breathable uppers. The main difference is that this shoe uses a lace system. The good news is it's easy to make quick adjustments.

These are great for children while on vacation at Disney and even Costa Rica. The sole is as sturdy as a running shoe, and the shoes dry overnight. They may not be as quick-drying as traditional water shoes, but the versatility, comfort, and appearance of this shoe outweigh that drawback.

  • They take longer to dry than traditional water shoes
  • You might not like the configuration of the arch support
  • Harder to swim in
  • A stylish appearance that kids love
  • Versatility: great for land and water while on vacation
  • As comfortable as a running or tennis shoe
  • More support equals fewer complaints from your children about sore feet
  • Lots of color options and sizes from toddler to big kid
  • Larger drainage holes prevent pooling inside the shoe

#6 CIOR Fantiny - Our #1 Pick for Toddlers

The CIOR Fantiny water shoe for kids and toddlers is an excellent choice for the water park. It's more of a water shoe/aqua sock hybrid. The extra-soft uppers won't chafe or irritate your child's feet like more rigid water shoes can. One feature we love in this water shoe is the mesh insole that cups your child's foot, provides arch support, and keeps the inside of the shoe dry.

The velcro strap is more convenient than a lace system for toddlers. There are drainage holes in the sole at the front of the foot to prevent pooling inside the shoe. The grip pattern in the outsole provides reliable traction and makes it harder for stones or gravel to get trapped.

They do hold up well and don't cause any blisters. Also, it's possible to successfully run them through the washing machine. Overall, you get a lot of bang for your buck with this shoe.

  • You might not like the removable insole
  • Not as comfortable for walking as the ALEADER knit shoes
  • They’re durable
  • You can’t beat the price for what you get in return
  • Children love them
  • The extra-soft materials ensure a blister-free experience
  • More traction in the outsole to prevent slip and fall accidents
  • Super lightweight and easy to roll up before packing
  • Great for swimming, ample drainage, and quick-drying uppers
  • Arch support in the footbed

#7 Romote - Our #1 Aqua Sock Pick for Kids & Toddlers

Are you interested in an even lighter weight option than the CIOR Fantiny model? If yes, the Romote aqua sock for kids and toddlers is our top pick in this department. The super-soft uppers equal no complaints from your children about discomfort while they enjoy the water park.

One of the main advantages of an aqua sock over a water shoe for children is the aqua sock is better for swimming. If your children are new to swimming or still learning, the Romote aqua sock won't weigh them down while they're in the water.

Another advantage is aqua socks generally dry faster than water shoes. They also take up less space, and you won't even know they're there after you pack them.

Kids love them so much that they don't want to take them off. Lastly, we want to point out that they'll protect your child's feet on hot pavement and sand.

  • Less support than a water shoe
  • Sizing can be tricky (recommend sizing up)
  • Durable materials, especially for the price
  • Kids love the feel so much that they don’t want to take them off!
  • A blister-free experience
  • They won’t weigh your kids down while they swim at the water park
  • Ample traction to prevent slip and fall accidents
  • The sole is thick and rugged enough to protect your child’s feet on hot pavement and sand
  • Easy to roll up and pack
  • Faster drying than water shoes

#8 Clapzovr - Our #1 Crocs Alternative Pick for Adults

If you're a fan of Crocs, but not a fan of the lack of stability or the fact they move around too much to be suitable for a water park, the Clapzovr water shoe is one of the best Crocs alternatives available. When you look at them, you may flashback to a time when those jelly sandals were in style. I'm happy to confirm that these are a lot more comfortable than those old jelly sandals.

The rubber is soft and comfortable. There's no need to worry about the neck chafing around the ankle or causing blisters.

What makes these great for the water park? They have a thick soft sole similar to Crocs, yet they stay snug on your feet. You get a lot better drainage since the water runs right through, making them especially great for swimming.

Another highlight is how quickly they dry. After a swim, slip out the EVA sole, sit them in the sun, and the entire shoe dries in minutes. You can't beat that.

Aside from swimming, they're also great to use in the public shower since they provide a firm grip on slick surfaces. Overall, these very well could be the best overall water shoes for the water park in our top 10.

  • Not the most stylish appearance (still better than Crocs)
  • You may prefer closed uppers
  • Less traction than other models in our top 10
  • Dry within minutes under the sun
  • The EVA sole is thick, provides ample support, and cups your foot for awesome comfort
  • No blisters around the ankle or discomfort from the uppers
  • Great for swimming, in the shower, and AWESOME for the beach!
  • Not as unsightly as Crocs
  • More arch support than traditional water shoes and aqua socks
  • Zero discomfort after walking for hours on pavement
  • Great durability, especially at this price point

#9 AVADAR YIZER - Our #1 Aqua Shoe/Water Shoe Hybrid Pick for Adults

The AVADAR YIZER aqua sock/water shoe hybrid is perfect for adults who prefer the weight of an aqua sock and the traction of a water shoe. They also come in some really cool colors. We're loving the "Black/White2" option that makes us feel like we took a time machine back to the 80s when wind suits were in style. If only I could track down one of those amazing teal and purple Nike wind suits to match these shoes.

Aside from the vivid colors, they hold up after walking on rocks, over coral, and even on pavement. They dry faster than traditional water shoes, especially if you luck out with a sunny day at the water park.

Another highlight is the insole stays in place and won't follow your foot when you take them off. Last but not least, they keep sand out, which makes them perfect for water park/beach combination adventures with your friends and family.

  • Less support than other shoes in our top 10
  • You may prefer open uppers
  • Sizing can be tricky (follow instructions for sizing before you order)
  • Surprising durability
  • Faster drying time than a traditional water shoe
  • The soles are thick enough to protect your feet on rocks, coral, and other jagged surfaces
  • Perfect for swimming at the water park and in the ocean
  • The awesome color options
  • The insoles don’t follow your foot when you take them off
  • Lightweight and barely take up any room in your luggage
  • Comfortable enough to wear while walking

#10 CIOR Fantiny (Unisex) - Our #2 Aqua Shoe/Water Shoe Hybrid Pick for Adults

In case you weren't digging the color options of the AVADAR YIZER, the CIOR colors may be more up your alley. The shoes are mostly the same. The main difference is the grip pattern. You may also prefer the CIOR brand because the company does manufacture a great water shoe at a very affordable price.

It's possible to walk several miles through water and over rocks while on vacation without any problems or discomfort. Similar to the AVADAR YIZER, these shoes hold up surprisingly well, which is one of the key factors we investigate when filling out our Top 10 Charts.

A successful journey to a waterfall in Hawaii while wearing them is highly possible. They grip well on slippery rocks and are great for hiking. Overall, this style of water shoe is a top-notch selection for water parks and vacations with light hiking, waterfalls, or river-tubing adventures.

  • Minimal toe and heel protection
  • Minimal arch support
  • One person complained about sand sneaking in through the drainage holes
  • They can run big (check sizing instructions before you purchase)
  • Reliable traction on slippery surfaces and rocks
  • The soles are thick enough to keep your feet comfy while walking
  • Extra-soft neoprene uppers stay snug while swimming
  • Perfect for Hawaiian vacations, water parks, and Disney
  • No need to worry about water sloshing around inside them when you exit the pool
  • Won’t weigh you down while swimming, you’ll forget you’re wearing them
  • The convenience of a slip-on
  • A more attractive appearance than comparable water shoes

How to Choose the Best Water Shoes for Water Parks: 2020 Buyer's Guide

What did you think of our top 10 reviews? Did you already find the right pair(s) for you and your family? If you're still on the fence, we're confident our buyer's guide will lead you to the best final decision. Let's go over each key consideration to make before you buy.

#1) Drainage

One of the advantages of buying water shoes for a water park is shoes with larger drainage holes work great. Always be sure to consider the type of terrain. Do you plan to walk mostly on pavement and pool floors? If the answer is yes, we recommend going with the larger drainage holes to prevent any pooling inside your shoe.

If you plan to use your water shoes outside the water park, there are options in our top 10 that are great for the beach, light hiking, and other activities in and around the water.

#2) Weight

If you plan to do a lot of swimming at the water park, aqua socks and aqua sock/water shoe hybrids won't weigh you down while you're in the water. If you plan to go on rides such as the log flume, you can get away with water shoes that provide more support.

The ALEADER models in our top 10 take a bit longer to dry, but they're more comfortable to walk in than traditional water shoes or aqua socks since they provide more support.

The Clapzovr may not be the prettiest shoe in our top 10, but its versatility makes it perhaps the best.

#3) Aqua Shoe vs. Aqua Sock

What's the difference between water shoes and aqua socks? Aqua socks are lighter weight, they don't provide heel or toe protection, they're great at keeping sand out, and a better option for swimming.

Aqua (water) shoes do a better job of protecting your feet and can be worn all day outside the water. If you plan to go kayaking, canoeing, or take a trip to the creek, it's best to choose water shoes since they have more uses than aqua socks.

Lastly, you may find that aqua socks are better for children who are learning how to swim since they won't weigh your child's feet down in the water.

#4) Sizing

Sizing can often be tricky when shopping for water shoes, and sometimes people wait until the last minute to order before a vacation. The best advice we can give you is to see what people are saying about sizing.

Also, check the Q&A section on the product pages to see what the seller recommends or check for sizing directions provided by the manufacturer. By taking this extra step, you save yourself the hassle of making a return or being forced to wear the wrong size shoe on vacation.

#5) Sole/Drainage

There are several different types of drainage in the soles, and soles do range in thickness. Be sure to consider how much arch support you desire since traditional water shoes and aqua socks often don't provide arch support. All of the shoes in our Top 10 have excellent drainage, with the ALEADER and Clapzovr shoes providing the most rapid drainage.

#6) Comfort

When it comes to comfort, it's tough to beat Speedo water shoes. All of the models in our top 10 are comfortable. We don't recommend water shoes if we see a trend of comfort issues.

We investigated a long list of water shoes before deciding on our top picks for toddlers and kids since their softer skin can be more prone to friction blisters. Be sure to consider the activities you plan to do in your water shoes, and once you know, aim for maximum comfort.

#7) Durability

Last but certainly not least, let's discuss durability. Durability is another factor that weighs heavily into our decision-making when choosing our top 10. We've found through our research that a lot of off-brand water shoes are actually quite durable.

One of the main reasons we started this site is to save you time. The last thing you'll find here is shoes that are prone to falling apart the first day. Yes, there are exceptions since no manufacturing process is perfect, but we strive to choose shoes that have high marks in the durability department.

We were most impressed by the durability reviews for #9 and #10 on our list.

Final Thoughts

Now you're all set for your next water park adventure! One of the best decisions you can make before a trip to the water park is to buy you and your family the right water shoes. A successful trip to the water park relies on competent footwear.

Since you're officially an expert, people will be asking you where you bought your water shoes and how you chose them. I'm already seeing some great conversations in your future!

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